Parking at Cologne Bonn Airport – perfectly organized

Parking at Cologne Bonn Airport including shuttle service. Are you going on vacation or on a business trip? Are you worried about your vehicle?

You don’t need that, because you can choose from Parking Cologne Airport. You don’t have to travel by public transport or even take an expensive taxi. You don’t even have to ask friends, because you travel with your own vehicle and use the inexpensive Airport Parking Cologne Bonn. Find out more about the different tariffs available for long-term and short-term Parker on our site. At the same time, you can choose from a large number of extra services if you so desire.

You can opt for the Parken Airport Köln Bonn without handing over the keys, you can keep the key in our safe or you can opt for the Valet Parking Airport Cologne. This is very popular because it is a comfortable and pleasant variant.

Park and Ride Cologne Bonn (CGN)

At the Park and Ride Cologne Airport you don’t really have to pay attention to anything other than choosing the cheapest price. You can achieve this with a price comparison. It is often advisable that you do not park your vehicle directly on the airport premises, but rather with a company that is located a bit outside of its premises. With a shuttle bus that is offered to you free of charge, you will always reach your terminal on time. You can also opt for other services, such as having your car filled with fuel or for thorough interior care or polishing paintwork. No matter what your needs and requirements are, you will receive them at Park and Ride Airport Cologne.

Prices for parking at Cologne Airport

3 days of parking in the open area including shuttle service

Drive to our parking lot. Transport to the airport is free!

from 29,00

VAT included.

7 days of parking in the open area including shuttle service

Drive to our parking lot. Transport to the airport is free!

from 38,00

VAT included.

14 days of parking in the open area including shuttle service

Drive to our parking lot. Transport to the airport is free!

from 80,00

VAT included.

21 days of parking in the open area including shuttle service

Drive to our parking lot. Transport to the airport is free!

from 120,00

VAT included.

Shuttle Service Airport Cologne-Bonn – enjoy the comfort

Pretty much all providers of parking spaces near Airport offer the shuttle service. Of course, the shuttle service Airport Cologne is also available to you, free of charge. As soon as you have booked the parking space, the Cologne Airport Shuttle Service is already booked. Depending on the distance …

Shuttle Service

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Wir wurden leider heute das erstemal bitter enttäuscht. In der Nacht wurden wir nach einer halben Stunde Wartezeit abgeholt, dann bekamen wir unseren Schlüssel und mussten unser Auto im stockdunkeln Parkplatz suchen uns wurde noch als Tipp mit gegeben auf den Schlüssel zu drücken dann würde man das Auto schon finden. Auto gefunden, Koffer rein und schnell ins Auto weil uns kalt war. Danach ging es nach Hause. Am nächsten Tag, wir wollten Essen fahren, hat mein Mann den Schaden vorne Links gesehen, ist zwar ärgerlich aber man denkt ja, okay die müssen ja für sowas eine Versicherung haben. Wir also direkt dorthin und was uns dann widerfahren ist , ist eine Unverschämtheit. Ein Mitarbeiter schaute sich den Schaden an und meinte, der Schaden wäre schon älter, eine Frechheit, die Fotos die am Abgabetermin gemacht wurden sind wohl nicht mehr aufzufinden und deshalb wird dann fresch behauptet der Schaden wäre älter, das aber mit dem Auto 7 Kilometer gefahren wurden, davon will er nicht wissen. Also Achtung bei Easy Parken - es werden Schäden an euren Autos gemacht und damit man diese nicht direkt sieht, werden die Autos im Dunklen abgestellt. Es werden Privatfahrten mit euren Autos gemacht. Für die Schäden möchten die Herren nicht aufkommen -aber viel Geld für\\\'s nichts tun nehmen. Wir sind absolut enttäuscht und werden Easyparken nicht mehr nehmen. Der Rest macht unser Anwalt.

from Beate O. am 27.09.2023 11:57

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Valet parking at Cologne Airport – perfectly organized

If you are planning a trip, choose a pitch that is offered to you inexpensively. Here you have the option of opting for valet parking at Cologne Airport, and you can therefore enjoy perfectly organized convenience. Simply select the travel dates and the Parking Airport Köln Valet on our website. You will see all the important information about your booking on your confirmation email. A telephone number is also noted there. Please select this when you have arrived at the airport, because then an employee can …

Valet Parking

Park and Fly Cologne Bonn Airport

The comfortable alternative Park and Fly Cologne Bonn Airport. You don’t need to worry if you no longer need the reserved parking space. This can be canceled quickly and easily, usually without any fees. There is no easier or faster way to prepare for your vacation or business trip. You have completed your booking with us in just a few steps. Of course, you will receive a written confirmation that will be sent to you by email. If you opt for valet parking, it is advisable to print it out, because this is also where you will find the serial number, which you need for a smooth process. Simply compare the prices at Park and Fly Cologne Bonn and choose a company that you trust. The vehicles are always parked in secured areas and this is of course guarded and manned accordingly.